Sunday, 20 September 2015

Fun Creatives for Teachers

Hello Teachers and how is it all going for you. This is my site's name is Fun Creatives for Teachers. I am really pleased to offer a range of tips and tricks as well as excellent teaching products for your fun and please.

I have been teaching elementary or primary school for over 10 years, both as a full time teacher and relief or substitute teachers. Throughout this time I have also been heavily involved in Theater and Drama both on television and on stage. So as you can image my teaching has been heavily influenced by the 'dramatics' as well.

I live in New Zealand and have taught mainly in the Auckland areas, teaching a range of socio economic areas. I cut my teeth with those students who came from the lower socio economic classes and this is where I found my teaching style. I came to appreciate the hardships kids go through and their families. I have also taught very wealthy older students and adults drama and that was also an eye opening experience.

I have also had a teaching role to some degree, such as in the classroom, with adults or even as a director and stage manager on the stage. So I love sharing my knowledge and making things 'happen' from the imagination, hence why I love teaching young children.

As a result of teaching kids, I've often had to develop worksheets, plans, resources to go with whatever subject I was teaching. This gave me a good insight in how to make resources to a high degree which works in the classroom. Also I was very lucky to work with a well known New Zealand children's celebrity Suzi Cato who offered me the change to write two educational books for teachers which included lesson plans, objectives, worksheets and related subject areas to work on. I also had the change to work on television scripts for the programs which were related to the educational workbook for teachers that I wrote. So as you can see I had the opportunity to research, write and oversea topic areas which are often taught in the school curriculum. The program is was from the Bryan and Bobby series dedicated for children ages 5-10.

So I have been noticing this great website called Teachers Pay Teachers which featured many great resources which I have needed. I have bought quite a few products from this site from Greek Urns for Adults (teaching Greek History) and drama games. Hence me wanting to develop my own resources for sale with Fun Creatives for Teachers.

I started in 2015 with some clip art and which didn't really sell well. This was probably due to the great clip art which was already out there AND also because I was just starting and hadn't had any followers. This is also something I am now beginning to work on.

So far as of Sep 2015 I have 35 products for sale and have sold around about  $350 worth of digital products. I am quite happy with this because it excites me to get sales. My sales kicked in as of the beginning of August 2015 which was about a month and a half ago. I did get a few sales from April onwards, but this was when it really kicked in which was the beginning of the new school year in the USA. So I can see the potential in the future. But I have to keep working on creating good products for sale as well as working on this blog to give good tips and tricks so people can take these and do what they will with them.

So hence my Fun Creatives website on Teachers Pay Teachers is on it's way as we speak.

First Tip and Trick

First tip and trick for selling. My advice so far is for you to take things slowly and don't despair if you don't get too many sales at first, just know it's a slow burner. Follow the forums at TPT which give you excellent advice in how to sell and advertise your products. Just make sure you make products which are high quality and have a great cover page. That means bright and colorful and the wording is not too hard to read.

Thanks so much, do follow me here on Blogger and on Fun Creatives for teachers at TPT. I would very much appreciate it. 

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