Saturday, 24 October 2015

Creating Previews for Teachers Pay Teachers

How to create an animated preview for your Teacher Pay Teachers products or resources. These are now used by some Teacher Pay Teacher sellers on their Pinterest sites and now I discovered I can upload these to my Teacher Pay Teacher products as well.

I first discovered this from which also demonated how to create the files as well. But I thought I'd break it down into an easier to follow way.

Using the website, simple follow the instructions below.

Instructions in How to Create an Animated Preview of Your Products

1.  Go to Upload Images and uploade your jpeg files. I have uploaded up to 20 with success.

2. You can view how your animated will look like in the top right hand side of the screen.

3.  Once you are happy with this, click on the button, 'Create GIF Animation'.

4.  After a short while the download will be ready. You will see a link which says 'View the GIF or Download the GIF. As I can already see what it will look like I tend to press download.

5. Should you wish to change the size and background of the images click, 'Crop, resize, optimize images.'

6. Once this file is downloaded to your computer you can click into your Teachers Pay Teachers product you wish to animate.

7. Fill in the information as you normally would, but under preview upload the gif file you created.

8. Press 'Submit' and view your product page.

9. View the preview to see if it works okay.

Note: I have come across a couple of times where it failed to animate, but once I completed the steps again, I found it worked.

I have also uploaded these to Pinterest in my teaching boards as well.

Check out my two examples below, I think it's such a cool idea. Thanks

Oral Language Task Cards from Fun Creatives TPT site
My Science Borders from Fun Creatives TPT site.

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