Sunday, 11 September 2016

New Math Resource for Pre-Kindergarten Kids

I was teaching in a Year zero or Kindergarten classroom the other day and luckily I was given heads up on what the teacher wanted to me to do. I made a couple of great one page printables where I taught the kids about healthy teeth. You can check out my page and download it for free in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. The actual post is in the previous post.

 Math Numbers Cut and Paste Activities.

But this got me thinking, I decided to focus some of my resource making on Pre-Kindergarten as the American's like to call it or Year One's as us Kiwis like to call it. I love puzzles and cut and paste activities. So I decided to do a bit of research and found ideas about how to make puzzles and cut and paste ideas work. I made the following math activity where kids cut out the pictures and paste them on a puzzle to cut and paste and then assemble. Sure at first it will be a bit of work for the kids, but after a few, they will get the idea.

At least I know have some resources for Math for kids this age in the future. I quite enjoyed teaching these little people and I am looking forward to teaching that age group again.

Now the behaviour of some of the kids in the other classroom was another story altogether and some day I will discuss that in future blogs. Thanks for being here and viewing my blog. You can check out the 20 page Cut and Paste puzzle activities here.

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