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Mother's Day IdeasTo do With Students

Great Mother's Day Activities

It's Mother's Day coming up and what do you have planned for your little kiddos? Not much I hear you say? Well I've decided to throw some fabulous ideas below for your viewing pleasure. You might get inspired or it might even lead to do something unique and amazing, I guess that's why I love Pinterest because it seems they have it all.

If you're a classroom teacher and wondering what brilliant craftivity to do with the kids look no further!!

Kindergarten Aged Children

Mother's Day Idea One

I found this really cute idea where students write in chalk their I love you message and throw themselves in the middle for a photograph. Simple but pretty effective if you ask me. I know, I know thank me later.

Even lookie at this idea. 

You could take photos and print them and mount them on colored card to send home to mom/mum.
Here is another great idea very similar to the one above.

Mother's Idea Two

Many parents have some excellent cupcake wrappings at home. You may also have a variety of buttons or an old cardigan ready to be chucked away. Why not cut the buttons off. Then get your students, children and or grandchildren together and they can make this excellent idea. Bright colorful and on point.

I heart crafty things: click on the picture

Mother's Day Ideas Three 

This idea I love because it involves students writing about their mum or female caregiver and she is depicted as a super hero. Craft involves cutting, pasting, assembly and writing. This might take two sessions at least to complete.

 Click to the PTP Page Lauren Fairclough
Lauren Fairclough, click to her TPT store

Mother's Day Idea Four

This is a nice simple handprint idea for teachers to make the template up themselves. All you need to do is to draw an outline of a hand and make it into a tree. Draw little hearts around it on a US letter sized paper and have students make this little beauty up. If I was having student make this, I would get them to color them in first rather than use colored card.   

Mother's Day Idea Five

And I love this idea, very, very simple to do. Two different colored paints, a marker and white paper. You can have young students make this beauty up. Click on the picture to take to the blog which has the instructions. 

Bunch Mother's Day card

Mother's Day Idea Six

Coloring in a bookmark like this one and giving it as a voucher. How cool is that?

Coloring Vouchers

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